Geckos Don’t Gab…

By- Nishand Venugopal

(Guest editor at UN Biodiversity)

There is nothing in us that’s vice,

Don’t get startled to see our tails sometimes in slice,

That wriggling piece which distracts the predator without any fail,

So that we can escape and live another day to tell this tale,

Skittering all over your walls and ceilings, We inadvertently might have tampered your feelings,

Similar to hide and seek we run around your premises,

That may freak out someone who is not well aware of our advances,

Watch us having a feast on insects in your house and outside,

If kept unchecked the population of bugs can leave this Earth defiled,

Some may claim the ends of pests are with the poisons that they brew,

Through air, water and food those chemicals return into you,

Causing distress to present and the future generation,

Still you believe in the potent of those mixtures of mass destruction,

Which cause not only for pests but other species complete annihilation?

It’s time for you to respect nature’s evolutionary adaptation,

Our monstrous ancestors who once ruled this world,

Perished without even leaving a word,

We survived and stayed so long,

For our adaptability never went wrong,

Nature had a good reason to leave us alone,

The strongest and the fiercest became mere stories of an era bygone,

We are simple creatures, who mind our own business,

With our wild cousins terribly losing their habitats,

While some rare ones outside losing their freedom as coveted pets,

Causing threat of our biodiversity,

An issue that need to be dealt with adequate sensitivity,

It’s your fear about us that we need to discuss,

Now you might know about our role in the food chain,

People’s paranoia have caused us a lot of pain,

There are no hidden signs to decipher in our calls,

Don’t get distressed when we appear in front of you with sudden jumps or falls,

It is repulsive to find our droppings here and there,

That’s a small price you have to bear,

Observe us you might find a lot of interesting things to share,

Considering us as mere pests is just not fair….

© Nishand Venugopal. All rights reserved

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