Earth Day Special

Restore Our Earth

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Born in the lap of the earth surrounded by forests,

Grew up with the other species in the wild and trees as rests,

As they crossed adolescence, a thought came into their mind,

They are different from others and everything else is for them to bind,

As callous adults they assigned themselves a role,

Forgot that nature was far complex for them to control,

Holding power and money as their allies,

They abused the planet that holds them without any restrains,

They forgot those elements that helped them sustain,

Treachery that made Earth’s soul cry in pain,

Making and altering surroundings for their convenience,

As generations passed by, the issues started bothering their conscience,

Yet they believed that they are special and apart from nature,

They pillaged and plundered Mother Earth dreaming of a bright future,

Many warned them that their vision was blurred with the glitter of money,

Charm of the power chained many to drudgery,

Most worked like slaves and made wealth for few,

The touch with nature lost, leading to diseases that were new,

Love for materials that are not necessary increased,

An obsession that never ceased,

Filling the environment with garbage and pollution,

Many stared at this wicked problem without a viable solution,

Awareness is the key and discussion is the way,

If we don’t accept this a huge price we will pay,

It’s time to speak up for nature and let’s start from our household,

It’s the era of redemption for elders and the bright nature-loving generation to mould…

©Nishand Venugopal

Photo by Anna Shvets on

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