Header- Anuran Tale

Hopping around on the ground,

You may find us if you follow our sound,

Some are slippery and some are rough,

Our life on Earth is getting quite tough,

There is an immortal fairy tale about us which involves a kiss,

But right now we are here to recite a real story that you give a miss,

When the land is wet and the air humid,

There is no way we stay timid,

The monsoon is our favourite season,

We celebrate it for a valid reason.

Rain for us brings abundance,

Food and mating; there are many indulgences,

Singing, dancing and fighting… we leave no stones unturned to attract mates,

Amplexus is a way in which we finally embrace,

Many of us protect our offspring building nests, enduring a lot of pain,

Without suitable habitats all the hard work will go in vain,

Feeding on armada of insects that are pests for plants, we make this earth sustain,

Always remember that we are an integral part of nature’s valuable food chain,

Moisture on our body helps us to breathe through our skin,

Chytrid fungus that affects skin is a nemesis to which we lost our kin,

Climate crisis is affecting our survival,

If we lose, then balance of environment may topple beyond revival,

Ensure our safety and humans will gain,

Clean water sources are what you need to maintain,

Please protect us from the carnage of pollution,

It’s time to find and work on a viable solution,

Water is essential for our growth and sustenance,

That’s why we share with you this grievance.

© Nishand Venugopal. All rights reserved.

Published by sciencenextdoorblog

We are a group of science enthusiasts from all over India. Apart from working for bread and butter, you will find us working passionately in the field of science popularisation. We at "SCIENCE NEXT DOOR" will make you dive in an ocean of facts,drench you in light of logic, greet you with events and entertain you with understanding. Welcome abord!

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