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Science is interesting. Science is fun. But science sometimes can be complicated. And it needs to be simple, right? In the midst of countless science blogs and news sites, why another you ask?
With multiple existing avenues in particular scientific news, popped one more. A five-day news writing workshop spawned a commitment for longer- and here we are! 

Science Next Door is a modest attempt by amateur writers to hone their skills, and aims for one thing alone- getting news to everyone. We are a group of science enthusiasts from all over India, with a passion for popularizing science. Dropping all barriers in communication, we want to offer the latest happenings in science in every Indian language we possibly can. News must be crisp, not sensational; and that’s exactly what we’re here for. Baby steps into the world of science news and blogging; we grow as we go!

Science Next Door- it’s not just a regular blog. Dive into an ocean of facts, drench yourself in the light of logic, find excitement in understanding- with interviews, updates, information, analysis, interaction, entertainment and more; we welcome you. Find the choicest stories, simplified to taste.

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