Our Team

We are a small team of talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. A collective of Indian science communicators, who wish to disentangle science and present science news in an uncomplicated and engaging form for all.

Suhani Sharma

Editor/ Writer/ Blog Developer and Manager

Suhani is currently pursuing a dual BS-MS degree in Biotechnology. Her passion for science goes beyond keenly observing her environment. Suhani is a nature enthusiast and her dream is to make a difference for the betterment of this planet. In her free time she can be found reading books or watching a movie. In the evenings you can find her out on a run or playing basketball. This blog is her medium to combine her creative and scientific selves in order to help people.

Email her: suhanisharma4thg@gmail.com


Writer/ Facebook and Tumblr Manager

Gargi has an never-ending curiosity for science and loves explaining scientific concepts to young minds. She is ‘Jack of all trades’ and she can be found reading (Non-fictions), embroidering, and doodling. She is a nature enthusiast and novice horticulturist. Her dream is to make ‘Education accessible to all’ and is actively involved as a teaching volunteer. This blog is her medium to take citizens on a scientific exploration in a simplified manner.
The writer is based in Delhi, India. She has an undergrad degree in microbiology and currently pursuing a Masters in Biochemistry.

Email her: GARGI151998@gmail.com

Shubhi Chhabra


Shubhi Chhabra currently pursuing Masters in biotechnology from Raipur, Chhattisgarh.
She will be writing articles mainly on basic biology and health sciences. She hopes her articles will help you to gain some new and exciting information.

Email her: shubhichhabra1999@gmail.com

Shakuntla Ranawat


Shakuntla Ranawat is a pharmacy graduate and currently she is pursuing Science Journalism from Lucknow. She is a travel writer and a WordPress blogger. “Poetry Principle and Professor” is her WordPress Blog where she discuss about genuine issues. Her work has been published on various platforms likes Indiawaalo, Tocsin Magazine (New York), Shelves eMagazine, Poetry Nation and Moiramor Magazine. She has been a part of anthology projects, ‘Perespective in Visuals’ and ‘Gulmohar- A Summer Romance’.

Email her: shakuntalabawlas@gmail.com

Manas Raikar


Manas is currently a BS-MS dual degree student at Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), Pune. He is damn passionate about Science and wishes to pursue a career in Basic Sciences. His passion led him to choose Basic Sciences over Medical/Engineering courses having qualified all three with pretty decent scores. His hobbies include writing Science, reading Science and living Science.

Email him: manas.raikar@gmail.com


Writer/ Reddit Manager

Ankita is a PhD student from Tezpur University and working in the field of climate change mitigation and adaptation. When not working in the field or in the lab, she can be found reading folk tales from exotic lands in the library or catching up on the latest episode of anime. She writes about all things environment and aims to highlight the recent developments in the field.

Email her: ankitaforearth@gmail.com

Venkat Sai Ganesh

Writer/ Twitter and YouTube Manager

Venkat is from Andhra Pradesh, completed bachelors and currently pursuing one-year course on Science Journalism from Indian Science Communications Society (ISCOS). His hobbies to relax are drawing, reading books and watching TV shows. He believes strongly that “Mental Health is as important as Physical Health.” And he likes to promote awareness about taking care of mental health as much as he can.

Email him: vsg.gadi22@gmail.com

Ohviya Raja Prakash

Writer/ Instagram Manager

Ohviya is an Environmental Scientist who is passionate about sustainability and is down to Earth (pun intended). She has spent the first half of her life in Singapore and the other half in Pune, India, where she currently lives. She is an avid reader and a doodling enthusiast. Science communication is a new-found passion of hers, and she wants to simplify science in English and Tamil.

Email her: ohviya@gmail.com

Arushi Malhotra


Arushi is out to here to explore a newfound love for writing; trying to balance sciencing and daydreaming alongside. A true-blue Mumbaikar, though she prefers the mountains over beaches. Armed with a degree in Life Science; she hopes for a cleaner, greener future. Plays the guitar and resonates with animals more than humans.

Krishna Menon 


Krishna is currently pursuing a dual BS-MS degree from IISER Pune. She started writing science news articles during the lockdown and hasn’t looked back since. In her free time, she can be found sky gazing, bird watching and tending to her plants. She hopes to make science more accessible and engaging through her writing.

Email her: menonkrishnab@gmail.com

Dildeep Kaur


Dildeep is a budding illustrator and digital artist who strives daily to improve her artwork. She is currently living in Punjab, India. She enjoys playing chess and has a special love for books and anime. She has an undergrad degree in science and is currently pursuing Masters in English Literature.

Email her: dildeep_d@yahoo.com

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