Why do we Age?

By-Himani You and I are mere collections of cells. All be it extraordinary and far too complicated to entirely understand, that exists as blobs, functions together to let us experience this surreal journey of life for a while and then *bam* we die. Animals display an astounding variety of maximum lifespan ranging from some insectsContinue reading “Why do we Age?”

Desi Oxygen Concentrators to Tackle Oxygen Crisis in India

By- Venkat CSIR-CMERI indigenously developed a technology that produces medical grade oxygen efficiently than commercially available ones. CSIR-CMERI (Council for Scientific Industrial and Research – Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute) recently developed a made-in India oxygen enrichment unit (OEU) that can produce more than 90% pure oxygen from air by using pressure swing adsorption andContinue reading “Desi Oxygen Concentrators to Tackle Oxygen Crisis in India”

The Curious Case of Horizontal Gene Transfer

By- Suhani Sharma (10 min read) Which organisms comes to mind when you think of Horizontal Gene Transfer? Bacteria? No! It’s Plants AND Bacteria! Independent searches in Grasses and Cuscata have found that the species take up genes from their hosts or neighbouring organisms to speed up evolution, making them “Naturally Genetically Modified“. Another astonishingContinue reading “The Curious Case of Horizontal Gene Transfer”

Premature Aging- Progeria can now be treated; FDA approves medication

By- Shakuntla Ranawat The U.S. Food & Drug Administration has approved the treatment of a rare genetic disorder, Progeria also known as pre mature aging syndrome. Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome, commonly known as progeria is a rare and progressive genetic disorder. It causes severe cardiovascular complication at an age of mid teens and twenties which resultsContinue reading “Premature Aging- Progeria can now be treated; FDA approves medication”

Earth Day Special

Restore Our Earth Born in the lap of the earth surrounded by forests, Grew up with the other species in the wild and trees as rests, As they crossed adolescence, a thought came into their mind, They are different from others and everything else is for them to bind, As callous adults they assigned themselvesContinue reading “Earth Day Special”


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